Pick a Location


Photos shot in studio give you comfort when weather is bad, if you have small children. Also provide a clean simple look that draws your eye into the subject. 

Please add $60 to any package for the studio fee 


Ogden is the best big town with a small town feel. From the Union train station to the  surrounding nature areas. There's lots of great spots in Ogden!

Utah State Capitol

Historic, grand and beautiful. Many different looks on the capitol grounds in this natural light setting. 

Salt Lake City

Graffiti walls, tall buildings, alleys, the downtown library, memory grove. The options are endless. Great for shooting and walking around, in case your kids have the wiggles!

Great Salt Lake Marina 

The state of Utah has many natural wonders including the Great Salt Lake and the Bonneville Salt Flats. Perfect locations for any type of photo. 

Canyons and nature 

Places in nature are the perfect backdrop for all photos. From the aspen fields, to the mountains or the fall leaves. You can't go wrong with this choice.